Preserving the Anthropological Record

Second Edition



Edited by Sydel Silverman and Nancy J. Parezo



Copyright 1995 by the Wenner-Gren
Foundation for Anthropological Research, Inc.






Sydel Silverman



Institutional Resources


The National Anthropological Archives

Mary Elizabeth Ruwell


The Melanesian Archive

Donald Tuzin


The Role of Museums

Thomas H. Wilson and Nancy J. Parezo


Discipline History Centers in the Sciences

Joan Warnow-Blewett



The Preservation and Use of Cultural Materials


Ethical Considerations

Catherine Fowler


Documenting Disciplinary History

Regna Darnell


The Uses of Ethnographic Records

Shepard Krech III and William C. Sturtevant



Preservation Issues in the Fields of Anthropology


The Records of Archaeology

Don D. Fowler and Douglas R. Givens


The Records of Biological Anthropology

Michael A. Little, Jane A. Buikstra and Frank Spencer


The Records of Medical Anthropology

Sue E. Estroff


The Records of Applied Anthropology

John van Willigen


The Records of American Indian Linguistics

Victor Golla



Guidelines and Strategies


Saving the Past: Guidelines for Individuals

Nancy J. Parezo and Ruth J. Person


Preserving Organizational Records

Sydel Silverman, Lucy M. Cohen, Eluned Schweitzer and Natalie F.S. Woodbury


The Physical Preservation of Anthropological Records

Mary Elizabeth Ruwell


The Potentials and Problems of Computers

Robert V. Kemper


Future Prospects

Don D. Fowler and Nancy J. Parezo


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